Lost and Found

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Doña Ana County is not responsible for items left behind by visitors to the Doña Ana County Government Center and other County facilities, but the County will provide a convenient mechanism for assisting in the return of items to the owner. The Doña Ana County Lost and Found Policy establishes a procedure regarding the handling and return of items found on county property, the disposition of unclaimed items, and a mechanism to track items reported lost.

  • All items found on county property must be turned in to a support staff member with the County Manager's Office within two business days of being found.
  • The Support Staff will record items such as wallets, 钱包, 键, backpacks, and electronic devices at the time they are turned in. Information requested will help to ensure items are accounted for and returned to their rightful owners.
  • An attempt will be made to contact the owner if sufficient identification is available.
  • Items of value will be kept in a secure location. After three months, any items unclaimed may be recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of. Any revenue obtained from disposal of any item of value will be donated to the Doña Ana County Employee Activity Committee. 处理, 捐赠, 出售, or other manner of disposition of any item will be at the discretion of the County Manager's Office.
  • To claim a found item, the owner must describe the item as closely as possible. After ownership is established as well as possible, the owner needs to sign out for the item.